Saturday, May 11, 2013

Episode 9

In this weeks episode I'm debuting BRAND SPANKIN NEW tracks off of Anvils upcoming album, Hope in Hell. I'm also playing lots of Canadian Metal Classics from Razor, Sword, Thor and more!


  1. Anvil - 666
    Razor - Trashdance
    Piledriver - The Executioner
    Thor - When The Gods Collide
    Sword - The End of The Night
    Anvil - Metal on Metal
    Witchkiller- Cry Wolf
    Exciter - Destructor
    Axxion - Savage Avenger
    Cauldron - Chains Around Heaven
    Anvil - Fucken Eh
    Savage Blade - Night of The Blade
    Sacred Blade - In the light of the moon
    Annihilator - Word Salad
    Anvil - Hope in Hell *Debut*
    Piledriver - Metal Inquisition
    Black Moor - Thunderhead
    Anvil - Eat Your Words *Debut*
    Striker - Land of the Lost
    Answer With Metal - Two Wrongs (Don't Make a Right)
    3 Inches of Blood - Leave it on the Ice
    Anvil - Blood on the Ice
    Anvil - Pay the Toll *Debut*
    Anvil - Fire at Will *Debut*

  2. I love this man!

    <Caly from PWI.