Sunday, March 31, 2013

Episode 6 Tracklist

Sacred Blade - Legacy
Sword - The End of The Night
Assault - Survival in the Street
Witchkiller - Day of the Saxons
Thor - Thunder on the Tundra
Razor - Killer Instinct
Exciter - I Am The Beast
Jade - Poison in The Chalice
Anvil - Bondage
Sacred Blade - Salem
Piledriver - Sodomize the Dead
SYE - Wings of Change
Dead Brain Cells - Final Act
Goat Horn - Rotten Roll
Striker - Full Speed or No Speed
Black Moor - Into Eternity
Savage Blade - Stallions of the Highway
Skull Fist - No False Metal
Cauldron - All or Nothing
Axxion - Crazy Nights
Fatality - Thrashterpiece
Reanimator - Great Balls of Fire
Aggressor - What is Me
Sanktuary - Death Dealer
Shotgun Cure - Impassion
Sacred Blade - Of The Sun and Moon

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